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Fragebogen   Sustainability is a key component in MTU’s business approach. This reflects in the responsibility the company takes on for its products, employees and customers and for the environment and society.  We are looking forward to your feedback on our commitment to this cause.

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Corporate Responsibility – Towards a secure future

MTU has always demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility in everything it endeavors. Thus, for instance, the company assumes responsibility for the environment and society in the same way as it does for its products, processes, employees, customers and partners. MTU is committed to sustainable development and has had a long tradition of going above and beyond minimum legal requirements. It places a special focus on environmental protection, human resources policy and corporate community work projects in the neighborhoods of MTU’s locations.

MTU moreover strives for an open and constant dialog with its many different target groups – among them shareholders, employees and unions, customers and suppliers, local residents, environmental interest groups and the media. The company communicates via the Internet and intranet, the sustainability report and special publications, as well as employee and customer newspapers. The company also makes it a point to ensure it maintains direct contact with its target groups at events such as trade shows and exhibitions, and on open days and in discussion forums it organizes.

This approach is firmly established in the MTU Principles. The company develops products that reduce fuel consumption as well as noise and pollutant emissions. MTU keeps developing new technologies and repair procedures that contribute to an extension of the lives of engines, and hence to the sustained protection of the environment. It goes without saying that MTU is committed to making the most efficient use of raw materials, resources and energy.

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