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Advanced engine control and monitoring is playing an increasingly important role for the safe and cost-effective operation of aircraft. Having developed various military propulsion systems, MTU has more than 30 years of experience in this field. Its product portfolio includes complete control and monitoring systems, plus electronic and hydraulic subsystems and equipment.

A good example is its most recent project, the TP400-D6 control and monitoring system, in which MTU has a major role. The TP400-D6 is the turboprop engine powering the A400M military transport aircraft. What makes its control and monitoring system special is its unparalleled complexity in terms of the high level of integration of aircraft and engine functions, which necessitates the exchange and processing of massive data volumes.

To be able to maintain this expertise long-term, MTU Aero Engines and Sagem (Safran Group) joined forces and set up AES (Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH). The joint venture combines the know-how, experience and skills of the two companies in this area. AES offers the full range of services, from design and testing to certification of safety-critical software and electronics. MTU will continue to draw up the specifications for the control and monitoring systems and to produce and repair the electronic equipment.

Its special know-how puts MTU in a position to offer a one-stop service for the maintenance of a variety of engine types in service with the German Air Force, enabling it to come up with solutions also to any potential problems in electronic or hydraulic systems. In addition to sophisticated analytical capabilities, the company boasts various equipment and system test cells to support its efforts in this field.

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