Group Structure and Locations

Group Structure and Locations

With its global network of affiliates and subsidiaries, MTU Aero Engines has a presence in all major markets and regions across the globe. The company's headquarters and at the same time its largest facility is Munich.

MTU's largest maintenance location is MTU Maintenance Hannover. It supports medium- and large-size commercial engines, offers services and customer training, and operates a 24-hour hotline. MTU's other German location, MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg, on the other hand specializes in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of small engines and industrial gas turbines.

In the Asian growth market, MTU has set up joint ventures in two countries: in MTU Maintenance Zhuhai, it partners with China Southern Airlines, the country's largest carrier. The company specializes in the maintenance of V2500 and CFM56 engines. Airfoil Services in Malaysia is a joint venture of MTU and Lufthansa Technik; the facility repairs low-pressure turbine and high-pressure compressor blades and vanes.

In North America, the world's largest engine market, MTU operates three affiliates: MTU Aero Engines North America in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, develops components, modules and repair techniques. MTU Maintenance Canada is located on Canada's west coast. Vericor Power Systems, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is MTU's third affiliate on the American continent and markets, sells and supports marine and industrial gas turbines.

MTU Aero Engines Polska was set up in 2007 and is the youngest scion among MTU's affiliates. The plant located in Rzeszów in south-east Poland started operations in April 2009 and develops, manufactures and repairs engine parts.