Commercial aircraft engine services

MTU Maintenance – unique service solutions for engines

MTU Maintenance is one of the world’s leading providers of commercial engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). The company is a reliable and strategic partner to airlines and leasing companies as well as to engine manufacturers.

MTU Maintenance looks back on 35 years of experience in the engine MRO business and operates a global network of companies that boast a broad portfolio of engines and MRO related services. Its offerings range from one-time support to long-term all encompassing solutions – for engine, parts and accessory repair alike.

Modulary based service programs, entitled Total Engine Care (TPC) and Total Parts Care (TPC), allow the services to be tailored the customers individual needs. MTU Maintenance can provide all additional services as stand-alone solutions, including:

Thanks to MTU’s many years of experience in both engine development and MRO, MTU Maintenance is the partner of choice for custom-solutions, that focus on reducing the engine lifecycle cost.

MTU Maintenance achieves this goal:

Customer benefits

  • Reliable and experienced partner with a highly skilled workforce
  • First-class customer service and quality standards
  • Customized, all-encompassing services
  • Innovative full service solutions across the engine life cycle
  • Continuous adaptation of processes and services to changing market requirements