Cooperation with the German Armed Forces

Cooperation with the German Armed Forces

Intelligent maintenance and repair concepts ensure prompt and effective solutions. They improve engine availability and help cut costs. To put such concepts effectively into practice all activities must be precisely tailored to the customers’ needs.

A fine example of MTU’ capabilities in this field are the maintenance services the company is providing under its cooperation with the German armed forces. The concept has been developed and implemented jointly by MTU Aero Engines and the German armed forces. The cooperation locates the maintenance activities under an engine program at a single location where MTU experts, military personnel and civilian German armed forces employees work shoulder to shoulder.

The military personnel is involved in the industrial repair process, honing their engine skills. Thus, the German armed forces makes sure it does not lose any of its maintenance and system know-how. Industrially, the cooperation is lead by MTU, but the military personnel remains fully under German Armed Forces command.

This collaboration is constantly being developed and extended. In the future, MTU also wants to develop a full concept service, which would adhere to the successful idea of active customer involvement.

Military maintenance programs

The following engines are maintained within the framework of the cooperation with the German armed forces:

Erding facility:

  • RB199 – Tornado
  • MTR390 – Tiger
  • EJ200 – Eurofighter