Fleet management

Fleet management

With its engine fleet management services MTU supports its customers in their strategic and operational planning and in the maintenance of their engines thus ensuring continuous improvements throughout the engines’ lifecycle. MTU's experts help guarantee optimum availability and efficiency and low cost of operation.

This is achieved, for example, by:

  • Life cycle management 
  • Engine trend monitoring
  • Failure data analysis

MTU Military Engine Services also offers consultancy services relating to engine fleet management and uses its know-how to support customers in the development of planning processes and IT systems.

MTU, along with its partners Eurojet and EPI, is increasingly adapting innovative concepts from commercial aviation for use in military fleet management. A good example is the “Availability Concept,” a type of comprehensive package whereby clients are guaranteed a defined rate of availability (x percent of all engines) for a set price. MTU takes care of all additional components, maintenance planning and, when required, of engine replacement. All the clients have to do is attach the engine to the wing, and off they can fly.

Success story: Engine Health Monitoring

Detecting damage before it occurs: The engine health monitoring system, which is a constituent part of engine trend monitoring, helps prevent problems from occurring.

The statistical evaluation of the data recorded by the health monitoring system by the electronic control and monitoring unit in conjunction with regular checks, such as borescope inspections and oil checks, reduces downtime costs and helps optimize maintenance intervals.

MTU is one of the founding members of EPI, which develops the TP400-D6 for the new A400M military transport.