Questions relating to job applications

Are the job offerings posted on MTU Aero Engines' Internet pages up-to-date?

Yes, the vacancies are updated daily. All job openings are waiting to be filled soonest possible, unless a specific date is indicated.

How can I apply for a job at MTU Aero Engines?

You will find the current vacancies along with the required qualifications on MTU Aero Engines' Online Job Market. The job offerings are sorted by company location and division.

Please apply directly by clicking the "Apply online" button below the description of the vacancy. This will open our online application form. You can either apply directly for one of the open positions offered or send an unsolicited application. Applying online offers major advantages:

It saves time and money: Applications received online can be directly compared with the requirements profile for the vacancy. This makes sure that your application is passed on to the appropriate contact person. For this reason, we would like to ask you to refrain from inquiries about the name of the contact in charge. Upon receipt of your application we will send you an acknowledgement stating the name of the person to contact, and we will keep you updated on the status of your application.

It is easy: Our online application form is simple to fill in and you can attach your application documents easily. Please submit the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Detailed résumé
  • School-leaving certificate, academic qualifications
  • References of previous employers
  • Any other attestations and certificates

We can read all commonly used file formats. Please do not send your application by mail or e-mail, since it will not be processed by us.

Can I apply for several job openings simultaneously?

My application documents exceeded the maximum acceptable size. What can I do?

To limit the size of the attached documents to 2 MB you should compress the data

  • by reducing the resolution of the scans
  • by scanning the documents as black and white rather than 4c images
  • by converting .jpg files into .pdf files
  • by compressing the entire file, e.g. using WinZip

Do I have to name a contact for my application in the cover letter?

No, please use the general "Ladies and Gentlemen" salutation. Your application will be passed on to the appropriate contact person, depending on the vacancy in question. You will receive the requisite contact data along with the acknowledgment of receipt of your application.

Questions relating to internships

Does MTU Aero Engines also offer pre-study internship positions?

MTU's Munich location offers pre-study internships in industrial-technical areas in June/July every year. There is also the possibility of pre-study internships at MTU Maintenance Hannover. MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg does not offer pre-study internship positions.  

Further information about our internships

All pre-study internship positions will be posted under our job offerings. The exact dates will be published in due course. Please note that pre-study internships are not possible at times other than the periods given above.

Are internship positions at MTU Aero Engines also open to students (m/f) from other countries?

Of course, students from other countries (m/f) are welcome at MTU. At the Online Job Market you will find internship offerings also in English. Please apply online for one of the internships offered using our online application form.

Do I have to complete an internship at MTU Aero Engines before I can apply for a student job?

No, you can apply for a student job without having completed an internship at MTU before.

Further information on student jobs

Who is eligible for the "Fachoberschulpraktikum" offered by MTU Maintenance Hannover?

This type of internship is targeted exclusively at students of technical colleges who have to complete a mandatory internship as part of their school education to qualify for admission to a university of applied sciences. Tasks vary with the department where the interns work (commercial or technical). Internships can be started at any time. Interns are paid a monthly remuneration in the amount of 250 €.

Does MTU Aero Engines offer vacation jobs?

At its Munich location, MTU offers vacation jobs for students at school aged 18 and older to allow them to gain first practical experience (minimum duration: 4 weeks). If you are interested in one of the vacation jobs on offer, please apply only using the online application form.

Does MTU help with flat hunting?

Questions relating to research papers and final theses

Which topics for research papers or final theses are offered by MTU Aero Engines?

The offerings include topics for research papers as well as for bachelor, diploma or master theses, selected by MTU according to the company's needs. At MTU, the papers will not be buried in the files but their results will be put to practical use. The major part of the topics offered come from the following areas:

  • engineering and technology,
  • testing and control systems,
  • manufacture and
  • maintenance.

Please apply only once, even if you are interested in more than one of the topics, but mention the other topics of interest in the comment field of the application form. The Hannover and Berlin-Brandenburg locations do not advertise specific topics. But you can send an unsolicited application stating your own topic suggestion using the online application form

Can I write my bachelor or master thesis at MTU Aero Engines?

Yes, MTU offers positions for students intending to write their bachelor or master theses. The duration of the employment varies between three and six months. For details see the individual job offerings. Interested students writing their bachelor or master theses can also apply for one of the diploma theses advertised provided they are available during the period required (six months as a rule). In addition, students can complete an internship at MTU and then write their final thesis there.

Does MTU pay a remuneration for research papers and final theses?

Of course, MTU support students writing their research paper or final thesis at the company.

Further information on working hours and pay

Questions relating to training and dual system studies

What apprenticeships are offered by MTU Aero Engines?

MTU offers vocational training in the following trades:

  • aircraft engine mechanic (Ludwigsfelde, Munich, Hannover)
  • warehouse logistics clerk (Hannover)
  • industrial mechanic (Ludwigsfelde, Munich, Hannover)
  • mechatronic technician (Munich)
  • surface coater (Munich)

MTU's training concept is being continuously expanded and improved to ensure a high level of professional qualification in line with state-of-the-art standards. MTU Aero Engines is the only company in Munich that offers a dual vocational training program (duale Berufsausbildung mit Fachhochschulreife, or DBFH for short) for mechatronic technicians. Targeted at capable school leavers the three-year program will allow young people to acquire both a qualification as a skilled worker and a university of applied sciences entrance qualification.

Does MTU Aero Engines also offer dual study programs?

Yes. A company wishing to develop, manufacture and market superior engines can do so only if it has excellently trained employees. That's why MTU places particular emphasis on the qualified, dynamic and target-oriented professional training of our future employees. Our training concept is being continuously expanded and improved to ensure a high level of professional qualification in line with state-of-the-art standards.

A dual study program is an interesting option for those wishing to combine practical training and university education. MTU collaborates with universities of cooperative education (DH) and universities of applied sciences (FH) and offers bachelor study programs which take only six (DH) or seven (FH) semesters and are optimally complemented by practical training at MTU.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA): branch of study: industry/industrial management (in Munich)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng): branch of study: mechanical engineering (in Munich and Ludwigsfelde)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng): branch of study: industrial engineering (in Munich)
  • MTU Maintenance Hannover does not offer dual study programs in the 2010/2011 academic year

How can I apply for an apprenticeship or professional training?

You can send your application as from August in the year preceding the beginning of your training. Please apply online using our online application form and attach the following documents:

  • an application letter indicating the desired apprenticeship or training and entry date
  • a detailed résumé (in tabular form) and
  • the last two school certificates, as well as
  • any additional certificates of qualification (e.g. foreign-language certificates, social commitment, etc.)

Can I apply by mail or e-mail?

No, please send your application only online and within the period allowed for applications. Please note that we do not accept applications outside the period allowed.

Does MTU Aero Engines offer work experience stints for students (m/f/d)?

At MTU's Munich location, students (m/f/d) from local schools can do a one-week work experience stint to familiarize themselves with the daily work routine of the seven industrial and technical training professions offered. During the work experience stint the students are supported by trainers and apprentices. Students can complete the work experience stint as part of their curriculum or, on their own initiative during holidays.

MTU Maintenance Hannover offers work experience stints of at least two weeks all year round – except during holidays. MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg offers work experience stints for students upon request.

What is the "job orientation week" offered by MTU at its Munich location?

During the job orientation week high-school students are given an opportunity to familiarize themselves with academic professions at MTU, supported by trainers and university students. In addition, MTU employees from various technical areas present their work. Students can complete the job orientation week as part of their curriculum or, on their own initiative during holidays.

Questions relating to job offerings for graduates and young professionals

Is the JET trainee program limited to technical areas?

No. The junior entry and trainee program is targeted at highly-motivated graduates and young professionals with an excellent academic record in technical and business studies.

Further information on the trainee program

How do I apply for a trainee position at MTU Aero Engines?

Start and end dates are not fixed but agreed upon in each individual case. Open trainee positions are therefore continuously advertised under "JOBS" as they arise. At MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg, JET program vacancies are listed under the job offerings of the individual departments, while at the Munich and Hannover locations there is a separate "JET Trainee Program" section. Please apply online using the online application form attaching your complete documents.

The selection process for the individual JET positions serves to get to know the potential employees and provide them with an insight into our company. 

I am interested in an employment at one of MTU Aero Engines' international locations. Are there any vacancies at present?

For information on MTU Aero Engines Polska go to www.mtu-polska.com. All current vacancies can be found at the Online Job Market. Information on vacancies at the other MTU locations can be obtained from the respective contact persons.

Does MTU Aero Engines offer professional and personal development opportunities?

Yes, we consider it very important to offer our employees a wide variety of professional and personal further development options. Because the innovative clout and continued success of our company largely depends on our highly qualified staff.

Campus is the name of MTU's human resources development program, which has been launched many years ago. Campus stands for learning and continuous further development. MTU offers a comprehensive program of seminars and training courses and invites employees to exchange experience and ideas. With tailor-made programs we develop and challenge our employees to prepare them for current and future tasks in their respective work areas.

Further information on Campus, MTU's human resources development program...

What service offerings can I expect from MTU Aero Engines?

As a modern enterprise, MTU keeps expanding its service offerings for its employees – from flextime work and part-time models to family services and all the way to systematic human resources development. Thanks to its wide range of human resources services MTU repeatedly ranked among Germany's top employers.

Further information on compensation and benefits, job and family and health service

What does my first workday at MTU Aero Engines look like?

Before you start work at MTU you will receive comprehensive information by mail. As a rule, you will spend your first day in your department together with your mentor. You will also receive your company badge on the first day. Please do not forget to bring any documents not yet submitted with you and send them to MTU Personalservice.

At MTU's Munich location you will be invited to our "Welcome on Board @ MTU" presentation on your first days at the company. The event serves to provide you with the necessary information for a good start at MTU as well as with information on mandatory training sessions and the like. At MTU's Hannover location you will complete the "starter package" during your first week at the company.

Does MTU Aero Engines offer guided tours of the company?

For capacity reasons, MTU cannot offer private tours of the company. However, the museum at the company's Munich location opens its doors to the public on several occasions.

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