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Global Change as Demonstrated by Aviation – Materials for Teaching Upper-level Geography Classes

MTU Aero Engines offers geography teachers at the Gymnasium ready-to-use teaching materials for download. These materials are precisely attuned to the Bavarian curriculum for upper-level classes, and include both relevant assignments and a separate solutions booklet. Through concrete examples from the world of industry, students are given the opportunity to comprehend the relevance of their geography lessons both for the economy and for their own career options. The materials were prepared by Dipl.-Geogr. Jürgen Patzke, a tenured teacher (Studienrat) at the Burkhart-Gymnasium Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg. He was employed at MTU Aero Engines as a “Teacher in Business” during the 2012-13 school year.

Complete booklet (4 MB)


1 Global Player from Germany – The Example of MTU Aero Engines

2 Atmosphere and Aviation
   2.1 Workings of an Aero Engine
   2.2 The Influence of Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure
   2.3 The Influence of Volcanic Ash
   2.4 The Influence of Aeolian Sand

3 The Use of Energy and Water at the Headquarter of MTU Aero Engines Munich
   3.1 Local Conditions
   3.2 Water as a Factor of Production
   3.3 Energy as a Factor of Production; CO2 Emissions

4 Mineral Resources and Aero Engines Construction

5 The Use of Energy in Aviation

6 Economic Dynamic in Growth Areas – The Munich Airport Region

7 Location Decisions in a Globalized World
   7.1 Blisk Production at MTU Aero Engines in Munich
   7.2 Production Strategy
   7.3 Setting Up MTU Aero Engines Polska

8 Megatrends as Driving Forces of Aviation

9 The Demographic Shift

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