Compensation and benefits

Compensation and benefits


Even though the selection of a workplace depends on many factors, remuneration certainly is a central consideration. This is why MTU offers its employees at all company levels a performance- and market-oriented compensation system based on the collective wage agreement of the metal industry. Depending on the field of activity this may also include extra pay for Sunday, night and holiday work. In addition to their remuneration, employees receive various special allowances and capital-building benefits.

Employee Stock Purchase Program

At MTU, it’s a given that employees get to share in the company’s success. They have the option to use their performance-based share in the profits or their bonus to purchase MTU stock. Moreover, after a two-year lock-up period, the company will match 50 percent of the sum invested in the shares.

Company Pension Scheme

In the future, the statutory old-age pension payments will no longer be sufficient for many people to maintain the standard of living they currently enjoy. It is therefore important to MTU to provide its employees with basic financial security in retirement.

Various attractive options are available that allow MTU employees to accumulate savings for old age and individually supplement the statutory pension received from the government. The company's pension scheme provides for an MTU-funded basic pension savings plan and an employee-funded deferred compensation plan.

An annual account statement provides employees with a detailed overview of the amount accumulated under the latter plan. When it comes to the disbursement of the money, MTU offers great flexibility too. Depending on their personal needs and tax situation, employees can choose between several different options as to how their pension credit is paid out.


The company-owned MTU Versicherungsvermittlungs- und Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH, an insurance intermediary service, offers the staff pension insurance contracts and any other kind of private insurance at favorable employee terms.

Supplementary Offerings

MTU’s human resources department also realizes that there must be more to it than the monetary elements of compensation alone. Therefore, the company offers a wide range of supplementary services of which employees can avail themselves depending on their situation and phase of life and which are continually adapted to suit their particular needs. The company's offerings include services in the areas Job and Family and Health Care.