Women in technology

Women in technology

From pre-school to doctorate studies – at all levels of the education system, women receive better marks than their male classmates. Yet the majority of women who pursue careers after graduation still go into the non-technical professions. This trend is in evidence at MTU, where there remains considerable room for improvement in the effort to capitalize on the performance and innovation resources of female employees, as shown by the current percentage of women in our staff:

In light of this situation, MTU has set itself the goal of generating a significant increase in the percentage of women in our staff, especially with regard to management positions.

Taking into account social circumstances, among other factors, MTU has developed a series of measures to achieve equal opportunity for men and women at our company.

Our measures

Increasing the percentage of female applicants

Numerous studies show: creating pathways for women to enter technical careers is a question of starting early. The learning package “Zukunftsflieger", developed for the primary-school student contest of the same name – which was organized by the German Association of Aviation Industries (BDLI) with the participation of MTU – gives primary-school teachers clear explanations as well as instructions for arts-and-crafts activities and exciting games.

To combat reservations and prejudices towards technical professions from early on, girls need plausible role models and their own key experiences with technology. MTU’s participation in the nation-wide “Girls’ Day” gives girls between the ages of 10 and 14 the chance to visit any of our MTU locations in Germany, where they can converse with female aero-dynamics engineers, logistics experts and product-development managers. MTU also participates in the young women’s research camp organized by the Education Institute of Industry and Commerce in Bavaria, opening its gates to female secondary-school students who simultaneously attend sample lectures at the Technical University in Munich.

The MTU Study Foundation has been around for more than ten years. Its goal is to actively guide young women through the course of their personal development and support them in their preparations for a professional career. Study Foundation Days are held once a year to help program participants develop their professional, social and methodical capabilities. Once the young women get to know the company and vice versa, they can enter a development program in which they get advice and support on such topics as their university studies and their entry into the professional world.

MTU’s commitment to recruiting more female specialists is already paying off; in 2012, we achieved a considerable increase in the percentage of women among our new employees.

Creating the conditions that make careers possible

In most cases it’s still true: men place their careers in the center of their life plans, while women try to find a middle path between family and professional life. MTU can’t change such differences in outlook. But as an employer, we can and do make every effort to assist all our employees in balancing family and career. MTU offers employment forms, work schedules and supportive benefits adjusted to meet the special needs of our employees.

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In future, MTU aims to increase the number of employees and managers both male and female who take advantage of these offers.

Supporting women in their careers

MTU has a responsibility to support women who have the potential and the will to realize a career change. This means assisting them not only in planning their careers, but also in implementing each step along the way; it also means making them visible as examples for other women.

MTU wants to give female recruits with management potential career support within the company as well as best-practice examples and valuable contacts extending beyond their immediate environments. That’s why our Munich location participates, along with several other companies, in the City of Munich’s cross-mentoring program. For one year, young female employees are advised and guided in their daily tasks by a mentor from another company. They are also invited to take part in regularly occurring workshops and coaching sessions.

Munich´s cross-mentoring program

Creating awareness for opportunity equality

The best method for successfully evening the playing field within our company is not to introduce new employee benefits, but to encourage employees to take advantage of the benefits and alternative employment forms already available to them. In the coming years, MTU would like to do even more to promote an equal-opportunity sensibility among management and to establish career-and-family compatibility as a management responsibility.