Employee Development

Your Personal Further Development at MTU

Offering its employees multi-faceted perspectives and possibilities for their own development ranks high on MTU's list of priorities. Because the further development of our employees forms the basis for the company's innovative strength and future viability.

Employee development with >campus

Personnel development at MTU has for many years been unfolding under the umbrella of the >campus training scheme. >campus stands for learning and continued further development, including also the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Furthermore, >campus comprises all instruments of career building and long-term professional development of MTU's employees.

With its program offerings, >campus covers all levels of systematic employee development. This is how MTU challenges and encourages its employees and enhances their capabilities to prepare them for current and future challenges at the company

>campus development

>campus development stands for continuing human resources development.


>>potential&succession is MTU’s systematic approach to the identification and development of high-potential staff and to succession planning. Within the framework of >>potential&succession high potentials among the specialists and managers are identified early on and their capabilities and development potential are assessed in potential conferences. This is how MTU is fostering young talent in a focused manner, offering them a variety of opportunities for career advancement and personal development by considering them in succession planning and staffing decisions.


With the varied continuation and upgrade training courses and consultancy services of >>profession, MTU helps its employees develop their technical, methodological and managerial expertise and maintain it up-to-date at any time. The offerings range from training courses for employees starting their careers to specific management qualifications, the programs being tailored to suit the specific needs and work situation of the employee.