Workplace health management

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Healthy employees drive a healthy bottom line. It goes without saying that MTU complies with all of the statutory requirements for occupational health and safety. But its commitment goes beyond regulatory compliance. As an employer, MTU responds to changes in the environment that may impact on employees’ jobs or personal lives.

With its comprehensive health management services, the company works to protect its employees from physical and mental health risks. Workplace health management is a joint effort of company physicians and representatives from human resources and occupational health and safety who work together to improve and sustain MTU employees’ health and fitness.

Health service and company physicians

Alongside a full range of occupational and acute medical services, MTU’s company physicians also offer preventive health care and counseling. For instance, employees exposed to occupational hazards at work undergo medical check-ups at regular intervals with a company physician. On-site prevention services, such as annual flu vaccinations at several company locations, and skin cancer prevention programs, fitness checks and hearing tests at some sites all come as part of the package we offer.

Workplace health management

The workplace health management team coordinates all health promotion activities, which range from health days and campaign days to dedicated seminars and training courses. Another key focus of the team’s responsibility is on taking appropriate action and implementing tools to ensure good health management practices are firmly established at the company. In addition to coordination of the activities between the sites, examples of such efforts include workplace reintegration management, expanded risk assessment and systemic ergonomics management. Staff and managers are given specific advice and expert support in all of these areas. 

Social counseling service

Social counseling, by means of intensive one-to-one talks, prevention courses and training sessions, is primarily aimed at helping employees experiencing workplace or personal conflict or mental health problems. After all, an expert looking at situations such as family problems, stress or personal crises from a different and neutral angle is in a better position to analyze the situation and work jointly with the individuals affected to identify solutions that help alleviate the problem long-term. Moreover, the social counselors have access to an external network of counseling services, self-help groups, therapists and in-patient medical centers with which they can put employees in contact if necessary.

Company sports

MTU employees have already enjoyed taking part in numerous marathon runs, ski races or soccer tournaments. The company has set up sports clubs at its Munich and Hannover locations, which offer a whole range of sporting activities the whole year round. It’s not the winning but the taking part that counts, and that employees enjoy doing sports together with colleagues. Spouses and children can of course take part, too. At the Ludwigsfelde location, there are company volleyball and soccer teams employees can join.

MTU health center

Employees at the Munich location can build some physical exercise into their day at the on-site health center. The health center focuses on targeted health promotion and modern fitness concepts using state-of-the-art equipment. In the 300-square-meter fitness studio, it offers classic cardio training, weight training and innovative vibration training. In vibration training mechanical vibrations are transferred from a vibrating plate to the body, which stimulates the muscles to contract and relax. Vibration training machines have also been set up in various other locations around the MTU premises to make them more accessible to employees to train during their breaks.

The health center also offers a diversified program of classes for those who prefer training in a group. A team of qualified physiotherapists work in the health center’s integrated physiotherapy practice, which offers equipment-based physiotherapy and more.

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Gym membership

MTU Maintenance Hannover employees can improve their physical and emotional health by taking advantage of membership to MTU’s partner health club at discounted monthly rates.

Whether at home or away on business, members can use any of the partner’s facilities nationwide. MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg employees are also entitled to membership to a local health club at discounted rates.