Product responsibility

Eco-efficient engines

As Germany’s leading engine manufacturer, we take a holistic view of product stewardship. For us, this is reflected above all in the development of new propulsion concepts and technologies that not only meet the highest quality and safety standards but also make commercial air travel even more environmentally sustainable—cleaner, quieter and more efficient. Emissions-free flight is the overall goal.

Our products operate efficiently and are extremely safe in service. We manufacture them using safe processes that are as eco-friendly as possible. Our maintenance work follows the same rules.

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Paving the way for emissions-free flight

We are committed to the Paris Agreement of 2015, which aims to limit global warming to less than two degrees Celsius. In our “Technology roadmap toward emissions-free flight,” we present a possible path to long-term emissions-free aviation.

In addition, the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) can significantly reduce CO2 emissions both from the aircraft fleet already in service and from new engines. MTU advocates the introduction of SAFs.

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Sustainable manufacturing and maintenance concepts

MTU’s manufacturing and repair techniques are high-tech processes. Both in its production and maintenance activities, sustainability is a top priority for MTU. For example, experts in Munich are working to mature additive manufacturing processes for use in the production of complex engine components. The advantage for the environment: additive processes help substantially reduce the amount of raw material needed. “Repair beats replacement”—with this innovative repair solutions it is developing in-house, MTU Maintenance is aiming for levels of restoration that are unrivaled worldwide. This approach is beneficial to the environment as it saves on materials and conserves resources.

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Supply chain

As a responsible engine manufacturer, we strive to ensure, insofar as possible, that the value chains for our products are sustainable. We meet the challenges of global, complex supply chains with a responsible sourcing approach. 

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