What is Engine Condition Monitoring?

What is Engine Condition Monitoring?

How does it work?

  • ECM is the continuous monitoring of key engine parameter to detect impending failures and assess engine performance.
  • ECM uses standard engine and aircraft instrumentation for monitoring.
  • No additional measurement equipment is needed.


  • Detect potential failures to avoid/reduce secondary damages
  • Improve fleet management (removal and spare engine planning)
  • Reduce maintenance cost thanks to early detection
  • Lower unscheduled downtime cost
  • Optimize on-wing time
  • Better estimate shop visit cost
  • Improve customize workscoping
  • Increase knowledge about engine on-wing behavior
  • Optimize shop capacity planning

ECM operational & financial benefits

  • Minimized unscheduled downtime and optimized on-wing times
  • Supports early line maintenance decisions to avoid secondary damages and AOG’s
  • Supports performance prediction and optimum aircraft operational planning
  • Allows for better engine removal planning and optimized spare engine management
  • Allows for optimized off-wing maintenance planning
  • Increased fuel efficiency and overall fuel consumption thanks optimized core engine cleaning
  • Lower maintenance cost