TF series

TF series

The TF series includes three types of aero-derivative gas turbines for marine applications: the TF40, the TF50, and the ETF40B.
TF series gas turbines are used for naval and fast commercial vessel propulsion, their applications including ferries, mega yachts and hovercraft. The TF40 and TF50 are designed to power military and commercial vessels. The ETF40B marine gas turbine is mainly used in navy hovercraft applications to drive propulsion and lift fans.
MTU’s affiliate Vericor Power Systems is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM); it offers gas turbine-based solutions, including OEM spare parts, control units, accessories, air intake and exhaust gas systems. Its services also include commissioning, maintenance and repair services, spare parts supply and technical training. 


TF 50

Vericor's TF50B marine gas turbine is an aeroderivative that powers numerous ships, for example the Visby-class corvettes of the Swedish Navy or mega yachts, such as the Pershing 115. For commercial applications, Vericor has developed the new Integrated Turbine Control Panel which combines the control functions for gas turbine and reduction gearbox, the cockpit interface and the local operating panel into one single unit.