Business Fields & Segments

Business Segments

MTU Aero Engines' business activities are based on three pillars: the commercial business with the commercial OEM and spare parts businesses, the military engine business, and commercial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) business. For the purposes of accounting, MTU's business activities are broken down into two segments: The first segment – the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) business – comprises the commercial and military engine businesses, since they share the production, development, and miscellaneous other capacities. The second segment – the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) business – comprises MTU's commercial maintenance activities. The revenues are accounted for separately for each of the three main business units. All other financial key figures are shown for the two OEM and MRO business segments.

MRO Business


  • World's largest independent engine MRO provider (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) 
  • Exposure to highest growth engines (PW1100G, V2500, CFM56, CF34, GE90)
  • Around 1,000 shop visits a year for 30 engine types
  • Strong presence in Asia

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Top maintenance provider

MTU Aero Engines' commercial maintenance, repair and overhaul activities are pooled under the roof of MTU Maintenance. MTU Maintenance ranks among the top three providers of aftermarket services. It can draw on more than 40 years of experience and has handled over 20,000 shop visits. It is also a leader in the field of engine MRO services. Through its global service network, the company offers guaranteed customer proximity and has a presence in all important growth regions. Its engine portfolio is broadly diversified and covers the most common aircraft types from business jets to long-haul aircraft.

The company is the world's largest independent provider of commercial MRO services. This market is also served by the OEMs and the airlines, alongside independent specialists the likes of MTU.

Services that meet the highest standards

MTU Maintenance repairs engines manufactured under programs in which the company is a risk- and revenue-sharing partner. In addition, the Group also supports engines manufactured by other engine makers. The repair portfolio comprises a large number of engine programs promising strong growth, such as the PW1100G or V2500 for the A320 family of aircraft, the CFM56, the GE90G and the CF34. MTU Maintenance thus offers a comprehensive range of services and full-package solutions for all major types of engines in virtually all thrust categories; in addition to aero engines, it also has industrial gas turbines in its portfolio.

With PERFORMPlus, MTU Maintenance offers operators of newer engines customer-specific solutions for them to generate more flight hours. The keys to success are fleet management, predictive maintenance with engine trend monitoring as well as high-tech repairs, on-site services and replacement engines. For engines at the end of their lifecycle, the company has developed intelligent SAVEPlus strategies that are tailored to the remaining on-wing times and reduce costs. Toward the end of an aircraft’s life, operators want to extract the maximum possible value from their engines. MTU Maintenance offers its customers effective end-of-life asset management with VALUEPlus, finding the right solution regardless of the engine type and components. With MOVEPlus, customers benefit from transferable MRO concepts, rapid remarketing of engines through simple transfers, and predictable costs. In addition to these integrated service solutions, MTU customers can also rely on tailored services with SERVICEPlus.

Preferred partner of airlines, leasing companies and OEMs

MTU is a reliable partner for more than 1,400 customers. These include around 200 airlines as well as leasing companies and engine manufacturers. Airlines benefit from integrated services over the entire lifecycle of an engine. As a longterm partner in the OEM network, MTU is increasingly supporting OEMs with standardized maintenance solutions—for example in the maintenance of Pratt & Whitney GTF™ Engine. Moreover, its expertise in maintenance makes MTU airlines’ preferred joint venture partner worldwide.

MTU maintains successful joint ventures in these areas, for example with China Southern Airlines in maintenance, with Lufthansa Technik in airfoil repair, and with the Japanese Sumitomo Corporation in engine leasing. MTU and Lufthansa Technik established their EME Aero joint venture in Poland to repair Pratt & Whitney GTFTM engines. 

OEM Business


  • Risk-and-revenue sharing partner with all major  engine manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Technological leader in low-pressure turbines, high-pressure compressors and turbine center frames
  • Approximately 30 % of the active aircraft fleet flies with MTU components 

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Balanced portfolio of products and services

MTU has a hand in 30 percent of the world’s commercial aircraft fleet. Demand for engines will be here for the long term. MTU Aero Engines is ideally positioned in this respect, thanks to its well- balanced portfolio of products and services — from powerplants for business jets to the most powerful engines for widebody aircraft — and to its cutting- edge technologies.

Successful collaborations

With its sophisticated high-pressure compressor, low-pressure turbine and turbine center frame components, MTU has established itself as an indispensable partner to industry giants GE Aviation and Pratt & Whitney. MTU’s cutting-edge technology can be found in virtually all thrust classes; for example, in the Pratt & Whitney GTF™ Engine Family that powers numerous business and medium-haul jets, as well as in long-haul engine programs such as the GEnx for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner or the GE9X for the Boeing 777X. For next generation engines such as the Pratt & Whitney GTF™ Engine Family, MTU’s solid partnership with OEMs is increasingly being extended to maintenance.

The company is a risk-and-revenue-sharing partner in the major commercial engine programs. Under the partnership arrangements, MTU assumes full development and production responsibility for the components and modules forming part of its work share. Typically, the program work share amounts to 10 to 20%, depending on the valuation of the module. MTU shares pro-rata in the revenues, in accordance with its work share.

New engine technologies set standards

MTU plays a key role in the development of quieter, more efficient engines. The company is collaborating closely with key players in the sector to develop novel propulsion systems and technologies for the future. The best example is the innovative Pratt & Whitney GTF™ Engine Family. MTU systematically refines and optimizes its components on an ongoing basis. To make the engine even more efficient requires an increase in the interior pressures and temperatures. This calls for new materials and coatings. Moreover, integrated structures (produced in a single piece) and new materials hold the key to significant reductions in weight.




  • Development and manufacturing expertise for entire engines
  • MTU has high program shares in all key European military programs
  • R&D is typically customer-funded

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A key role in major military engine programs

MTU Aero Engines is one of the world’s leading industrial system partners for the military engines that power combat jets, helicopters and military transport aircraft. With its first-class technologies, products and services, MTU ensures that customers can count on the full availability of their fleets at all times.

The company is the leading industrial company for engines operated by the German Armed Forces and plays a key role in major European military engine programs—such as the EJ200 for the Eurofighter, the TP400-D6 for the A400M and the MTR390 for the Tiger. It is also involved in non-European programs. With its workshare in the T408 engine for the CH-53K, the company has in cooperation with GE Aviation taken full development responsibility for components in a U.S. military program for the first time in its history.

MTU will work together with Safran and ITP to develop, manufacture and support the engine that will power Europe’s Next Generation Fighter. This engine, known as the Next European Fighter Engine, will shape Europe’s military engine business for decades to come.

Full systems expertise

MTU Aero Engines is Germany’s industrial lead company for practically all engines operated by the country’s military. Alongside the development and manufacture of innovative engine modules and components, MTU offers the best in maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions and a comprehensive range of additional engine services. It works in close collaboration with the customer to develop and implement tailor-made service support concepts. MTU’s comprehensive support services throughout an engine’s lifecycle enable partners such as the German Armed Forces to secure valuable know-how.

Collaboration with the German Armed Forces

In 2002, MTU became the first company in the market to successfully establish a cooperation arrangement with its largest military customer, the German Armed Forces. MTU experts and specialists from the German Air Force work shoulder to shoulder to maintain the military’s EJ200, RB199 and MTR390 engines. MTU is also the first certified company to maintain the TP400-D6 engine based on commercial MRO procedures.