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MTU Aero Engines AG plans to increase dividende to €1.70

Munich, March 1, 2016 – The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board of MTU Aero Engines AG will propose a dividend payment of €1.70 per share at the Annual General Meeting on April 14, 2016. This is equivalent to an increase of 25 euro cents or 17% compared with the previous year’s dividend.

“Our proposal is based on MTU’s record results in 2015,” said Klaus Eberhardt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. “The sharp increase in the dividend is also a sign of our faith in the sustainable earnings power of MTU.” CEO Reiner Winkler added: “We are in the fortunate position of being able to give our shareholders an appropriate share in MTU’s profitable growth. By doing so, we are upholding our dividend policy, which is characterized by continuity, while at the same time allowing ourselves sufficient scope for value-enhancing growth projects.”

The dividend will be paid out to shareholders on April 15, 2016, after approval by the Annual General Meeting.

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