Short-term lease

Short-term lease

MTU Maintenance Lease Services B.V. offers comprehensive short-term lease solutions and can provide customers with replacement engines at short notice, thus preventing aircraft from being grounded due to engine failure. The customer returns the lease engine as soon as its own engine has been restored to a serviceable condition.

The company’s individual lease service offerings include conventional dedicated operating lease arrangements under which customers can lease an engine only when needed, being allowed unlimited access to this engine for a certain period of time. Another option are engine standby agreements that ensure the availability of a particular engine for an agreed period of time. Typically, the engine’s serial number and location as well as the financial terms and conditions for the time the engine actually is on wing are fixed in advance. The advantage: Such an agreement is a very cost-effective solution for customers using the engine as standby only.

The short-term lease offerings of MTU Maintenance Lease Services B.V. afford customers a variety of benefits: The company’s spare engine support ensures uninterrupted revenue service, for example in AOG emergencies, thus helping minimize losses suffered as a result of tickets they cannot sell because of cancelled flights. A further advantage is that customers need not invest in spare engines of their own and, as a result, do not incur costs for tied-up capital during the time the spare engines are not in use. MTU’s engine pool solutions guarantee spare engine availability when and where needed.

In addition, the company offers its customers lease engines as replacements for older engines the overhaul of which is no longer considered economical, given their short remaining service life. Such leasing arrangements are tailored to suit the customers’ specific needs taking the desired life-limited parts (LLP) cycles into account. This service is provided as part of MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions.

Engine portfolio

  • V2500-A5/D5
  • PW2000
  • CF6-50/-80C2
  • GE90-115B
  • CFM56-3/-5B/-7
  • CF34

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