Engine Maintenance & Overhaul

Engine Maintenance & Overhaul

The core competency of MTU Maintenance is engine maintenance and overhaul. Since its foundation, the company has handled almost 16,000 shop visits. When an engine comes for a shop visit, the first priority is to ensure downtime and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. To this end, MTU Maintenance offers a host of service solutions such as MTUPlus Engine Trend Monitoring, which help maximize on-wing times and avoid the need for unscheduled shop visits wherever possible. The selective use of alternative repair techniques and used serviceable material moreover helps keep maintenance costs down.

MTU Maintenance’s philosophy is based on the following core elements:

Engine maintenance portfolio

  • Performance restoration
  • Hot section refurbishment
  • Engine modification, for example as required by Service Bulletins (SB) and Airworthiness Directives (AD notes) and thrust-class upgrading
  • End-of-lease shop visits
  • On-wing/on-site repairs and inspections
  • Various special assignments
  • Test runs

Alongside its maintenance and overhaul service offerings for complete engines, MTU Maintenance provides solutions for individual modules and repair services for spare parts and accessories.

To prevent unnecessary downtimes, customers require a competent service partner that is available when and where needed. MTU Maintenance provides round-the-clock AOG services to ensure its mobile repair teams can reach any point on the globe quickly and reliably.

The company moreover offers a host of additional engine service solutions as stand-alone service or as part of a comprehensive Total Engine Care package.

Customer benefits

  • Single point of contact for all service solutions (one-stop shop)
  • Solutions and workscopes tailored specifically to individual customer requirements
  • Cost-saving potential thanks to parts repair and used serviceable material solutions
  • Superior quality standards
  • Fast and predictable turnaround times
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