Customized workscopes

Customized workscopes

Just like every fleet of aircraft and every customer, every individual engine is unique. When it comes to engine maintenance, therefore, there is no such thing as “one size fits all” solution. That’s why for MTU Maintenance, as an independent provider of engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, customized workscoping is a core element of the company’s philosophy. Each engine is subject to a detailed workscoping process that establishes the work required, to ensure that the customers always receive the most cost-effective solution. 

Individual workscopes vary considerably with the age of the engine and the operator’s plans for the years ahead. Based on these factors, workscopes can be designed to allow the engine to remain on wing for as long as possible, for example, or to provide the most cost-effective interim solution. 

Customized workscoping is especially important for older engine types, as the work packages can be defined in such a way as to ensure the most economical operation of the propulsion system for its residual service life. For such engines, MTU Maintenance has launched its MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions. The comprehensive services offered under this program are designed to help reduce engine operating costs and provide customers with alternative MRO solutions.

Customized workscopes are also critical to optimize maintenance for newer engine types. Accordingly, MTUPlus workscoping provides a carefully balanced approach to optimally combine the use of serviceable engine-run parts, MTUPlus Repairs and OEM solutions. 


  • Optimized costs through customized workscopes tailored exactly to the customer’s need for service life, on-wing performance and specific fuel burn
  • Optimized use of materials (repairs, spare parts, etc.)
  • Engine performance analysis
  • On-wing and on-site services, as required
  • Workscope reflects insights gained from MTUPlus Engine Trend Monitoring, when included under the contract


The terms and conditions of the services to be provided are defined in a contract. Additionally, the shop handling guide details which repairs are authorized by the customer, if and to what extent used serviceable material is permitted and what the customer’s time-on-wing targets are. MTU Maintenance has established a core process in which the Workscope Review Board determines initial workscopes and monitors the progress of the individual engine throughout the shop visit. The members of the board consult with the customer to establish the optimum workscope even before the engine is inducted.

Since it happens time and again that more damage is found after the engine has been torn down, maximum flexibility in adapting the workscope to the new findings is of utmost importance. Following disassembly and parts inspection, representatives from engineering, quality, customer support and work scheduling, plus engine mechanics, work together and make recommendations as to the final scope of work. All in close consultation with the operator, of course.

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Customer benefits

  • Individual service packages for any scenario
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Optimized individual workscoping thanks to many years of experience, technical know-how and systems expertise
  • High levels of flexibility and modification of workscopes even during the shop visit
  • Close collaboration and regular consultation with the customer
  • Continuous optimization of work packages

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