MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions

MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions

While aircraft equipped with new engines are ever increasingly entering service, a large number of older models are still in operation. The closer the engines powering such aircraft are to the end of their life cycle, the more money their operators have to spend on shop visits. The reason being that, with increasing age, engines need more replacement parts, including expensive life-limited parts.

Given the high material costs involved, cost-effectiveness is a major consideration when an older engine is due for a shop visit. In such cases, MTU Maintenance’s experts will evaluate the condition of each individual engine down to component level and propose the most effective and economical solution, taking the remaining service life of major components into account. This is where MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions comes in. These service offerings include specific MRO arrangements, as well as customized alternatives to conventional maintenance. The latter obviate the need for another costly major overhaul of an older engine, thus catering optimally to the customers’ specific needs.

As the main factor that drives the costs of a shop visit up is the materials, the modular structure of MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions helps operators save money by permitting them to choose from a variety of options and put together a service package that perfectly fits their requirements. MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions comprises two major products: Instant Power focusing on leasing or exchanging engines, and Smart Repair which combines customized workscoping with material salvaging solutions.

Customer benefits

  • Innovative material sourcing for cost reduction
  • Special focus on older engines
  • Transparent cost structure for strategic planning
  • Independent consultancy to maximize the residual value
  • Clear focus on customer needs and cost-effectiveness

Andreas Kalina
Europe / Africa
Phone: +49 511 7806-2533
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Far East
Phone: +49 511 7806-4221
Christoph Heck
South and North America
Phone: +49 511 7806-2621
Sami Ben-Kraiem
Middle East & Southeast Asia
Phone: +49 511 7806-4465

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