Total Engine Care

Total Engine Care

Alongside its core engine business – engine maintenance, repair and overhaul – MTU Maintenance provides a host of additional engine service solutions. These can be combined into a Total Engine Care, TEC® for short, package. The highest level of support being a comprehensive service package, encompassing all of the additional services available. This way, engine operators can rest assured that their powerplants are getting the best care possible and can focus their attention on their core business: flying.

A TEC® package can include the following services on top of engine MRO:

In addition to TEC®, MTU Maintenance provides its customers with material and asset management services.

Customer benefits

  • All-inclusive full maintenance service
  • Single partner for all services
  • Optimal planning predictability through cost and cash-flow management
  • Minimized downtimes through guaranteed spare engines
  • Efficient fleet management system tailored to customers’ specific requirements

Sales Contact

Andreas Kalina
Europe / Africa
Phone: +49 511 7806-2533
Jan Steenbock
Far East
Phone: +49 511 7806-4221
Christoph Heck
South and North America
Phone: +49 511 7806-2621
Sami Ben-Kraiem
Middle East & Southeast Asia
Phone: +49 511 7806-4465