Business Jets

Commercial aircraft engine services for Business Jets

Cessna, Learjet and Dassault are world-renowned manufacturers that specialize in developing and building business jets. Typical customers for this type of airliner include government agencies, corporations or individuals wishing to travel to their destinations on the shortest possible routes without having to change planes. Business jets cruise at a higher flight level than most other commercial airliners, some of them being capable of climbing to altitudes of more than 15,000 meters. Thanks to this higher altitude, they fly above the weather and in smoother air.

MTU contributes modules to three Pratt & Whitney Canada business jets: the PW300, the PW500, and the PW800. MTU has a workshare of up to 25 percent in the various versions of the PW300 and PW500 for medium-sized business jets.

The PW800 is the most recent addition to MTU’s portfolio of engines in the business jet segment. This propulsion system is a member of Pratt & Whitney’s innovative PurePower® family of engines, which is setting new standards in terms of power and efficiency. New materials, advanced design technologies and improved aerodynamics result in game-changing reductions in fuel burn and noise emissions.