Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

CF34 (MRO)

The CF34 is the most popular and best-selling engine in its class. Its major applications are business jets and 50, 70 or 100 seat regional jets.
The engine already is the front runner on the 50-seaters. It will be the exclusive engine on the emerging 70- and 100-seaters of Bombardier and Embraer.

MRO of the CF34 family at MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg
MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg provides services for the CF34-8/CF34-10 variants of this engine family.

Overview of maintenance capabilities

  • Modification, retrofitting, repair and overhaul
  • 1st run warranty repairs
  • State-of-the-art repair service for engine components
  • On-wing support provided by the Mobile Repair Team
  • Engine condition and trend monitoring
  • Engineering support
  • 24/365 AOG hotline
  • Provisioning of lease engines through MTU's e.pool services
  • Spare parts provisioning in AOG emergencies
  • Customized maintenance programs


  • Two-shaft turbofan engine
  • Fourteen-stage pressure compressor
  • First three compressor stages: blisks
  • Two-stage high-pressure turbine
  • Four-stage low-pressure turbine
  • Minimum emissions and noise


  • MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg provides repair and overhaul, including on-wing support, for CF34-8 and CF34-10 engines


  • CRJ 700/900
  • ERJ 170-100
  • ERJ 175-100
  • ERJ 190-100
  • ERJ 195-100

Technical Data

Max. thrust81.3 kN
Air mass flow199.6 kg/s
Bypass ratio5:1
Pressure ratio29:1
Length3683 mm
Max. diameter1346 mm
Max. Weight1682 kg

Great support for small engines

    Sales Contacts

    Thomas Needham
    Director Sales Support
    Phone: +49 3378 824-251
    Cell: +49 176 10234742
    Fax: +49 3378 824-72251

    AOG Hotline

    AOG MRT CF34
    Phone: +49 3378 824-888