PW100/150A (MRO)

The PW100 family of turboprop engines powers 30-to-90-passenger regional aircraft with a range of up to 750 miles. The engines offer outstanding reliability, high efficiency and a long life. Thanks to their versatility, they are used in a wide range of applications. Since the family entered service in 1984, the engines have accumulated more than 100 million flying hours.

Maintenance for the PW100/150A is provided by P&WC's customer support network.




  • two-stage power turbine
  • single-stage low-pressure and high-pressure turbines
  • tow-stage/ four stage compressor
  • all Rotors integrally bladed
  • electronic engine control or FADEC (Fully-Authority Digital Engine Control), depending on the model
  • advanced materials and cooling technology


  • Alenia Aeronautica EADS ATR 42-300/320: PW 121, PW120
  • Alenia Aeronautica EADS ATR 42-400/500: PW127E, PW121A, PW127M
  • Alenia Aeronautica EADS ATR 72-200: PW124B, PW127
  • Alenia Aeronautica EADS ATR 72-210/500: PW127F, PW127M
  • Bombardier Aerospace Q100: PW 121, PW120A
  • Bombardier Aerospace Q200: PW123D, PW123C
  • Bombardier Aerospace Q300: PW123, PW123B, PW123E
  • Bombardier Aerospace Q400: PW150A
  • Bombardier CL-215T/CL-415: PW123AF
  • Dornier 328-110/120: PW119B, PW119C
  • EADS - CASA C-295: PW127G
  • Embraer EMB120 Brasilia: PW118A, PW118, PW118B
  • Fokker 50/High Performance: PW125B, PW127B
  • Fokker 60 Utility: PW127B
  • Ilyushin IL-114-100: PW127H
  • Jetstream Aircraft Co. MA-60: PW126, PW126A
  • XIAN Aircraft Co. MA-60: PW127J

Technical Data

Max. power5.000 shp
Length81 - 95 in
Height31 - 44 in
Width25 - 30 in