Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul


MTU has been a risk-and-revenue sharing partner in this GE Aviation engine program since 1971, when the company produced the first parts for the CF6-50. In the meantime, MTU manufactures parts for the entire CF6 family (CF6-6, CF6-80A, -80C, -80E). The CF6 is a two-shaft turbofan which powers medium- to long-haul Airbus and Boeing wide-body aircraft.

For the CF6 MTU Aero Engines produces turbine and compressor parts. Having been manufactured for over 40 years, this engine now figures more and more importantly in MTU’s repair and spare parts business.


  • Two-shaft-turbofan engine
  • Active clearance control of low-pressure turbine
  • Digital control unit
  • On-condition maintenance


  • High-pressure turbine (various parts)
  • High-pressure compressor (various parts)
  • Low-pressure turbine (various parts)
  • Low-pressure compressor (various parts)


  • Repair and overhaul by MTU Maintenance


  • GE
  • Safran Aircraft Engines
  • GKN Aerospace
  • Avio Aero


  • Boeing DC-10-10
  • Boeing 747
  • Boeing DC-10-15
  • Boeing DC-10-30
  • Airbus A300
  • Airbus A310
  • Boeing 767
  • Airbus A300
  • Airbus A310
  • Boeing 767
  • Boeing MD-11
  • Boeing 747
  • Airbus A330

Technical Data

Max. thrust63,500 lbf72,000 lbf
Bypass ratio5.3:15.1:1
Pressure ratio31.8:134.8:1
Length168 in168 in
Max. fan diameter106 in114 in
Weight9,860 lbs11,225 lbs

Sales Contacts

Andreas Kalina
Europe / Africa
Phone: +49 511 7806-2533
Christoph Heck
South and North America
Phone: +49 511 7806-2621
Sami Ben-Kraiem
Middle East & Southeast Asia
Phone: +49 511 7806-4465
Jan Steenbock
Far East
Phone: +49 511 7806-4221

AOG Hotline

Phone: +49 171 431 4333