Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul


The GE90 Growth is the world's biggest and most powerful engine. The GE90 Growth versions GE90-110B and -115B are the exclusive powerplants for Boeing's latest additions to its 777 family of aircraft: the 777-200 LR (Long Range), the -300 ER (Extended Range) and the -200F (Freighter). The GE90 Growth is approved in the thrust range up to 110,000 pounds (GE90-110B) and 115,000 pounds (GE90-115B), respectively.

GE90 Growth MRO at MTU Maintenance
MTU Maintenance Hannover  is one of the first maintenance providers worldwide licensed to repair and undertake major overhaul of the GE90 Growth.

Overview of maintenance capabilities

  • Customer-oriented and tailored service packages; customized repair solutions
  • Repair, maintenance and overhaul
  • MTU Shop Handling Guide with customer-specific appendices as a basis for customer-oriented and flight profile-optimized workscoping
  • Development and introduction of innovative high-tech repair processes (MTUPlus repairs)
  • Comprehensive on-wing support, including on-site maintenance, e.g. fan propulsor split and QEC build up / exchange supports
  • AOG support: 24/7/365 AOG hotline and spare parts provisioning in AOG emergencies
  • Flexible high-performance engine trend monitoring; (MTUPlus ETM)
  • Expert engineering support
  • Provisioning of lease engines through MTU's e-pool services


  • Two-shaft turbofan engine
  • Aerodynamically optimized fan blades in composite materials with titanium leading edges
  • Four-stage low-pressure compressor
  • Nine-stage high-pressure compressor
  • Two-stage high-pressure turbine
  • Six-stage low-pressure turbine


  • On-site support, repair and overhaul at MTU Maintenance Hannover


  • Boeing 777-200LR
  • Boeing 777-300ER
  • Boeing 777 Freighter

Technical Data

Max. thrust512 kN (115,000 lbf)
Bypass ratio9:1
Pressure ratio42:1
Length (installable spare)7290 mm (287 in)
Fan diameter3251 mm (128 in)
Dry weight8282 kg (18,260 lbs)

Sales Contacts

Andreas Kalina
Europe / Africa
Phone: +49 511 7806-2533
Christoph Heck
South and North America
Phone: +49 511 7806-2621
Sami Ben-Kraiem
Middle East & Southeast Asia
Phone: +49 511 7806-4465
Jan Steenbock
Far East
Phone: +49 511 7806-4221
Norbert Moeck
Director Engine Programs
Phone: +49 511 7806 2319

AOG Hotline

Phone: +49 171 431 4333