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GP7000 (MRO)

The GP7000 is developed, manufactured and marketed by Engine Alliance, a joint venture of GE Aviation and Pratt & Whitney. Other partners sharing in this engine program are MTU and Safran Aircraft Engines. MTU has taken on responsibility for the development and manufacture of the low-pressure turbine and the turbine center frame. The company also manufactures components for the high-pressure turbine. The GP7000 engine family powers long-haul aircraft.


  • Two-shaft turbofan
  • Five-stage low-pressure compressor
  • Nine-stage high-pressure compressor
  • Two-stage high-pressure turbine
  • Six-stage low-pressure turbine
  • High fuel efficiency at cruise
  • Low noise
  • Low weight


  • Low-pressure turbine
  • Turbine center frame


  • High-pressure turbine
  • Low-pressure turbine
  • Turbine center frame

MTU share

  • 22.5 %


  • GE
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Safran Aircraft Engines



  • Airbus A380

Technical Data

Max. thrust77,000 lbf
Bypass ratio9:1
Pressure ratio43.9:1
Length187 in
Max. fan diameter116 in
Weight13,400 lbs

    Sales Contacts

    Andreas Kalina
    Europe / Africa
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    Christoph Heck
    South and North America
    Phone: +49 511 7806-2621
    Sami Ben-Kraiem
    Middle East & Southeast Asia
    Phone: +49 511 7806-4465
    Jan Steenbock
    Far East
    Phone: +49 511 7806-4221

    AOG Hotline

    Phone: +49 171 431 4333