Fleet Management and Consultancy

Fleet Management and Consultancy

The modern aircraft engine is an immensely intricate and complex system. A variety of new developments in the field of maintenance and repair technologies permit them to be optimally supported between scheduled shop visits. That is why MTU Maintenance now offers its customers not only individual repairs and maintenance services, but can additionally assist them with the management of entire engine fleets. Fleet management aims to maximize the availability of each engine throughout its entire lifecycle.

An important element of fleet management is Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM), a system that constantly and remotely monitors and controls various engine parameters by means of telematics. The aircraft transmits all relevant engine data via satellite to MTU Maintenance where it is evaluated by experienced engineers. In this way indications of abnormal engine behavior can be promptly identified and acted upon long before a critical failure occurs. Through its worldwide network of locations MTU Maintenance can offer this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MTU Maintenance’s fleet management offers customers a number of advantages:

  • Coordinated engine maintenance scheduling helps avoid bottlenecks.
  • ECM permits maintenance planning as well as workscoping to be optimized for long-lasting benefit.
  • ECM helps detect any abnormalities in engine operation in time thus preventing secondary damage from occurring.

For fleet management to be effective it must be continually adapted to suit the airlines’ rapidly changing needs. MTU Maintenance is constantly developing its fleet management system just as it keeps improving its engine monitoring systems. With its sophisticated alerting and trending tools the company can offer its customers ever more targeted and specialized consultancy services.


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