Fleet management

Fleet management

MTU Maintenance’s fleet management offerings form part of the company’s engineering and support services and of the Total Engine Care program.

An advanced fleet management system serves to ensure that fleets are operated as cost-effectively as possible. When it comes to younger fleets the primary objective is to maximize on-wing times. Where aging engines are involved the focus is on ensuring cost-effective shop visits. For such engines, MTU has developed a comprehensive package of service offerings dubbed MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions.

Fleet management consultancy services include:

  • Consultancy relating to all off-wing and on-wing aspects
  • Support for engine maintenance planning to structure shop visit intervals based on technical and economic criteria
  • Calculation of exhaust gas temperature limits and take-off thrust reductions (de-rates)
  • Verification of performance improvement after maintenance
  • Optimum scheduling of engine cleaning
  • Monitoring of wear
  • Deterioration

Efficient fleet management not only ensures early detection of potential problems, it also helps optimize maintenance intervals in terms of costs and technical needs. The process is based on a preventive and predictive maintenance strategy. Costly aircraft downtimes can be minimized by developing long-term plans that provide for the timely supply of replacement engines. The appropriate timing of shop visits, too, is an essential prerequisite for ensuring smooth flight operations. If engines are sent in for repairs too late the failure rates of individual components will increase. If shop visits take place earlier than necessary the engine’s service life will not be fully exploited.

Accurate predictions as to the conditional deterioration of all engine modules are key to a systematic fleet management. An engine condition monitoring (ECM) system that is based on historical and individual wear data permits the number of flight cycles remaining until the next shop visit to be pre-determined.

As a next step, MTU Maintenance can use the ECM parameters (for example, exhaust gas temperatures and fuel consumption) to prepare a so-called fleet ranking report for the entire engine fleet which helps airlines identify engines with poor performance and draw up a prioritized shop visit schedule.


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