Accessory and LRU support programs

Accessory and LRU support programs

The repair of accessories requires expertise and experience. MTU Maintenance has both and possesses the requisite capabilities to offer its customers one-stop shop service packages for these engine parts.

The company’s innovative service solutions can be adapted to also include complete accessory and LRU management. Comprehensive service packages of this type ensure reliable processes and short turnaround times so that engines can be returned to their operators as quickly as possible. To perfectly satisfy its customers’ individual repair needs, MTU Maintenance offers three basic levels of accessory and LRU support that can be combined with one of the following spare parts supply options:

  • Pool access: MTU Maintenance keeps a pool of spare accessories and LRUs on stock at one of its international locations thus ensuring smooth replacement and full support of all parts in the pool.
  • Main base kit (MBK): MTU Maintenance keeps a certain number of selected accessories on stock on the customer’s premises where they can be directly used for line maintenance.
  • Main base kit (MBK) and pool access: A combination of both options to optimally support an airline’s flight operations.

During an off-wing engine shop visit at one of its facilities MTU Maintenance acts as the operator’s vendor and offers fixed prices for all LRUs and accessories handled during the shop visit. This service also includes material supply and major repairs/overhauls.

Program benefits: MTU Maintenance ensures full cost control and cost predictability for accessory management. In addition, customers benefit from MTU Maintenance’s in-depth engine maintenance know-how and have access to the company’s pool of new and used parts.

The level II support program is based on a collaborative relationship between MTU Maintenance and the customer, under which the company takes care of all accessory and LRU repairs, no matter whether the parts are removed during line maintenance or during an off-wing shop visit.

Program benefits: MTU Maintenance acts as the customer’s central point of contact in all matters relating to LRU and accessory repair. It controls all vendors and passes on volume discounts negotiated with its suppliers. In addition, MTU Maintenance offers fixed prices for all major component work scopes. A high level of “no fault found” occurrences, custom-tailored workscoping and a minimum of red tape further reduce costs.

The Level III support program provides operators with a fully integrated technical and logistical support solution. In combination with one of the spare parts supply options this program ensures full LRU service support to keep the customer’s business up and running 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Program benefits: One vendor handles all LRUs and accessories removed during an engine shop visit. To reduce the administrative burden on the customer, MTU Maintenance takes on responsibility for vendor control. In combination with a power-by-the-hour rate, cost predictability is further improved. Material replacement programs are available that can be tailored to suit the customer’s specific requirements.

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