Cold-section airfoils

Cold section airfoils

MTU Maintenance’s repair shops offer high-quality and custom-tailored repair processes for fan, low-pressure compressor and high-pressure compressor airfoils. Techniques such as tip welding, surface finish restoration and a variety of coating methods are part of the company’s standard service portfolio and ensure smooth and reliable repair.

The spectrum of cold section airfoil repairs is rounded off by special repair technologies, for example the application of the company’s proprietary MTUPlus ERCoateco erosion-resistant Coating, a highly advanced nano coating process. A further development of the first generation, MTUPlus ERCoateco is designed to provide high-pressure compressor blades and vanes with even better protection against extensive damage. Thanks to the improved erosion resistance the time between overhauls is extended and material costs are reduced. At the same time, the coating improves service life and helps markedly cut the engine’s fuel consumption as it reduces airfoil wear.

Selected processes