Repair engineering

Repair engineering

A company capable of giving expensive engine components a second, third or even fourth lease on life can significantly reduce the maintenance costs per flight hour. Thanks to the first-class results it achieves and its high level of quality, MTU Maintenance is setting standards worldwide.

To ensure it stays that way the company’s maintenance experts are continuously developing new high-tech repair procedures and refining existing ones. With highly advanced repair techniques that are FAA- or EASA-approved, MTU Maintenance continues to set benchmarks in parts repair. Its innovative repair processes are known under the brand name MTUPlus, a hallmark that stands for above-average performance and extended on-wing times of the repaired components.

MTUPlus repairs


  • MTUPlus balance stripping
  • MTUPlus brazing
  • MTUPlus complete protection system
  • MTUPlus flexible laser healing
  • MTUPlus internal airfoil cleaning
  • MTUPlus laser powder cladding Tip Repair
  • MTUPlus multiply plasma coating
  • MTUPlus tip protection
  • MTUPlus under platform coating

Fan / Compressor

  • MTUPlus ERCoatnt erosion-protection coating


  • MTUPlus Dimple spad replacement