MTU Maintenance offers a diverse spectrum of on-wing services.

If an engine is no longer in serviceable condition various repairs can be performed directly on site, be it at the customer’s home base or at any other airport in the world, in the hangar or on the apron, in an efficient manner and in the excellent quality the customer has come to expect from MTU.

With individual and targeted interventions, such as the repair of J-hook damage, fuel nozzles, or engine case repairs, MTU Maintenance’s repair specialists can restore the engine to a serviceable condition quickly and efficiently.  With the use of CFMI approved process, for example, permits more than a quarter of the high-pressure compressor to be repaired without the need for a shop visit.

The replacement of entire engines also forms part of MTU Maintenance’s service portfolio. Engine removal and installation are performed by expert teams in a professional manner.

In cases where it is not necessary to replace the entire engine MTU Maintenance offers the exchange of quick engine change parts directly on the wing as part of its on-site services.

Borescope inspections are an essential part of on-site missions. They permit the engine interior to be thoroughly inspected for damage without the need for expensive and time-consuming removal from the wing or for tearing the engine down into its detail parts. Depending on the inspection findings, the necessary repairs can be performed on the spot and without delay. A case in point is borescope blending of airfoils. Further information on borescope blending of CF34-10 parts can be found here
Before an engine is returned to the lessor at the end of the contractual lease term it is subjected to comprehensive inspection. MTU Maintenance offers such individual end-of-lease inspections as part of its on-site services at all desired locations – an efficient solution for both parties to the leasing agreement.

MTU’s Dallas facility not only offers full on-site service support. It also possesses a fully air-conditioned shop that complies with the latest standards and is used for engine storage and house-keeping purposes. So MTU Maintenance can take good care of engines not in service for a while.

Pre/post lease inspectionXXXXXXX
Preservation and storageXXXXXXX
HPC top case inspection/repairXXX
HPC bottom caseXXX
Fan blade removal and lubricationXXXXXXX
Fan disc changeXXX
Gearbox changeXXXXXXX
Engine changeXXXXXXX
Continue time inspectionXXXXXXX
Operational test and run-upXXXXXX
QEC build-up or changeXXXXXXX