Package Maintenance & Plant Rehabilitation

Package Maintenance & Plant Rehabilitation

MTU provides first-class on-site maintenance services and support for your aeroderivative gas turbine including auxiliary package systems. As well re-energizing of power plant applications with our plant rehabilitation program can be ordered.

Package Maintenance - Scope of supply

  • Periodic inspection of the following systems:

     - Generator (borescope inspection, electrical checks, …)
     - Reduction gearbox (pinion check, alignment,…)
     - Controls and instrumentation calibration
     - Oil system of generator and gearbox (oil analyses, cleaning,…)
     - Compressor wash system (filter and nozzle cleaning)SPRINT® system (filter and nozzle cleaning)
     - Fire protection system
     - Gas protection system
     - Inlet and exhaust duct
     - Fuel system
     - Starter system

  • Provision of spare parts and support with special tooling
  • 24-hr technical support
  • Periodic inspection
  • Engine alignment
  • HSX and all level I and II maintenance actions
  • Vibration analysis and trim balancing
  • Mapping of all LM DLE engine types
  • Dry ice cleaning

Plant Rehabilitation - Scope of supply

  • Replacement of older gas turbines with aeroderivative turbine technology while maintaining BOP equipment and auxiliary systems
  • Refurbishment of mature decommissioned or damaged power applications for the purpose of recommissioning