Cooperation with the German Armed Forces

Cooperation with the German Armed Forces

MTU’s cooperation with the German Armed Forces is an example of an individually tailored service support concept developed in close cooperation with the customer. MTU supports 80 percent of Germany’s military systems and was the first company to successfully establish a cooperation with the German Armed Forces. Jointly with its military partner, MTU broke new ground on several counts at a national level.

Combining the technical know-how of the industry and the operational experience of the military, MTU experts and specialists of the German Air Force jointly provide service support for the military engines, thus ensuring cost-effective maintenance operations. The involvement of military personnel in the maintenance and repair work, in quality assurance, logistics and in-service support secures the assessment skills and technical abilities of Germany’s air force and army.

This collaboration is constantly being developed and extended. In the future, MTU also wants to develop a full concept service, which would adhere to the successful idea of active customer involvement.

Military maintenance programs

The following engines are maintained within the framework of the cooperation with the German armed forces:

Erding facility:

  • RB199 – Tornado
  • MTR390 – Tiger
  • EJ200 – Eurofighter