Developed in cooperation with Safran Helicopter Engines and Rolls-Royce, the MTR390 is a turboshaft engine featuring a free power turbine. It is used on the French-German Tiger escort and anti-tank helicopter.

Production engines of the -2C version (basic version) were delivered from 2002 to mid-2010 (of which 242 for the Franco-German Tiger program and 51 for the Australian ARH program). In total, the order book stands at 445 engines, including exports. In cooperation with Spain's ITP, MTU developed an enhanced engine version (MTR390-E), which delivers 14 percent more power. The development was completed in 2011, and deliveries of production engines have already started. An initial batch of 162 engines will be produced for France, Spain and Germany. In all, 456 MTR390 engines are on firm order, 80 percent thereof have already been delivered. MTU's share in the Enhanced program comprises the combustion chamber and the high-pressure turbine as well as the engine control and monitoring unit, including the operating system. All production engines are assembled at MTU in Munich.


  • Geared turboshaft engine with free power turbine
  • Modular design
  • Digital control & monitoring system
  • On-condition maintenance

Development and production

  • Combustion chamber
  • Gas generator turbine
  • Intermediate turbine casing (-2C)
  • Engine control and monitoring unit ECMU (-E)
  • Engine monitoring
  • Engine testing

MTU production share

  • 40 % (MTR390-2C)
  • 31% (MTR390-E)


  • Maintenance and repair of engines and modules under the cooperation with the German Armed Forces at MTU Aero Engines in Erding
  • Technical-logistic support


  • Rolls-Royce
  • Safran Helicopter Engines
  • ITP (only Enhanced-Version)


  • Airbus Helicopters Tiger

Technical Data

Take-off power1,285 shp
Max. continuous power1,170 shp
Length/Height/Width42.4/26.85/17.4 in
Weight372 lbs