MTU Test facilities and training courses

MTU Test facilities and training courses

MTU has the requisite experience and resources to provide customers with the complete equipment needed to build up their own in-house maintenance capacities.
The offerings include standard hand tools, aircraft ground equipment, maintenance and repair equipment and engine test facilities.

MTU’s custom-tailored training concepts ensure appropriate first- and second-line maintenance training of customer personnel.

Engine test facilities for all requirements

With its decades of experience with its own test beds and rigs and those of its customers, MTU Aero Engines is in a position to offer complete test facilities for all types of engines and the necessary auxiliary equipment. The company’s services span the whole gamut from the provision of development know-how to delivery of the ready-for-use test bed and its commissioning on site.

Benefits afforded by MTU’s test facilities

  •     Flexibility to accommodate various engine types
  •     Short turnaround times in production testing
  •     Powerful and reliable data acquisition systems
  •     Low maintenance

    Custom-tailored MTU training courses

    The training courses offered by MTU are tailor-made to suit the individual customers' needs. Depending on customer requirements the training offerings include courses on engine maintenance, aircraft ground equipment or theoretical and practical courses on engine technology and engine operation. The degree of detail and the scope of the MTU training course will be agreed upon with the customer on a case-by-case basis.

      Examples of training courses

      •     Introduction to a specific engine type
      •     Handling of documentation and service processes
      •     Computer-based training courses for special service activities
      •     Hands-on maintenance and repair training