MTU@Paris Air Show 2019

Europe commits to clean aviation

On June 19 at the Paris Air Show, a total of 23 industry leaders, research organizations and university associations from across Europe signed a joined declaration outlining a future partnership that will lead the way to the decarbonization of aviation. Signatory parties included Guillaume Faury from Airbus, Philippe Petitcolin from Safran, Warren East from Rolls-Royce and MTU’s very own Lars Wagner.

The partnership will build on Clean Sky 2, part of the EU’s ongoing Horizon 2020 program. Horizon 2020 will be succeeded by the European Commission’s follow-up research and innovation funding program Horizon Europe, which is set to run through 2028. Again, aviation is a key component.

“The aim of this aviation program is to take major steps toward the decarbonization of aviation and ultimately help achieve emissions-free flight. We have aligned our technology agenda squarely with these objectives,” says Dr. Stefan Weber, Senior Vice President Technology & Engineering Advanced Programs.