MTU@Paris Air Show 2019

Evolutionary and revolutionary propulsion concepts

“Answering tomorrow’s challenges”— for MTU Aero Engines, this is more than just a motto; it’s a commitment. At this year’s International Paris Air Show (June 17 to 23), Germany’s leading engine manufacturer will be presenting ideas that are more pioneering than ever before. Its objective is to make commercial engines even more economical and environmentally friendly.

A new interactive technology exhibit will showcase in detail the key MTU technologies in the next-generation Geared Turbofan™: the high-pressure compressor and the high-speed low-pressure turbine. These new technologies are expected to be in the air in the 2030s. Also on MTU’s air show agenda are recurring aviation industry topics, such as sustainable, renewable fuels (electricity-based fuels or e-fuels), which can be used as from now, all-electric or hybrid-electric flight, as well as the use of hydrogen fuel, that is fuel cells. MTU experts are hard at work on these topics, and will present their ideas and concepts at the air show.

The Munich engine manufacturer will also present revolutionary propulsion ideas for aviation beyond 2050, which are intended to help reach the ambitious environmental goals of Flightpath 2050 and pave the way for emissions-free flight. The two innovative approaches that MTU is pursuing go far beyond conventional technologies: the composite cycle engine concept combines the tried-and-tested gas turbine engine with a piston compressor and engine, and the steam injected gas turbine (STIG) cycle concept integrates a steam power process into the gas turbine processes to feed the heat of the exhaust stream back into the process inside the engine.