MTU@Paris Air Show 2019

Thrust for the future

When the slider is set in motion, it glides smoothly along the stylized engine and flashes up impressive technology concepts for future commercial aircraft engines on an interactive 85-inch screen. “That saves me a trip to the gym,” says one visitor to the booth with a smile. It’s not long before he’s captivated by the wealth of data, facts and figures he receives from MTU’s new technology exhibit for the engines of the future.

The slider is set up in front of a full-size, stylized model of a GTF engine with 3D-printed high-pressure compressor and low-pressure turbine modules. When moved, the slider “scans” the inner workings of various engine concepts and provides additional information on the components shown, revealing further secrets of these future technologies. From the fan to the turbine, the exhibit highlights the features of MTU’s technology agenda, including concepts for future engines from 2050 onwards.

“MTU is already working out revolutionary engine concepts to achieve the ambitious goals of Flightpath 2050,” says Dr. Jörg-Michael Henne, Senior Vice President Engineering and Technology at MTU. “Emissions-free flight is the goal.” One potential approach is the composite cycle, which combines the turbomachinery with a piston engine. Another option is the STIG cycle engine, which integrates a steam power process into the gas turbine processes to utilize the heat from the exhaust gas stream. Other developments that MTU’s technology experts are working on include alternative fuels, fuel cells and electric flight.

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