Investors’ Award for Responsible Business Practices

Investors' Award for Responsible Business Practices 2014 goes to MTU Aero Engines

MTU CEO Reiner Winkler collected the 2014 German Investors' Award for Responsible Business Practices in a ceremony held as part of the Deutsches Wirtschaftsforum conference in Frankfurt on the Main. With this prize, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management (DeAWM) and the DuMont Verlag publishing house honor companies that live up to their corporate responsibility. MTU Aero Engines won the award for having made a tremendous leap in its ratings for sustainable business practices. In the jury’s assessment, MTU counts among the most responsible companies in Germany.

By selecting MTU as this year's award winner, the jury acknowledged that the company had made a remarkable improvement in its rank: MTU had climbed from 61st place to eighth place within a matter of a single year thanks to progress in its sustainability management and increased levels of transparency within the company. Consideration for the award is based on a ranking drawn up under the scientific direction of Prof. Alexander Bassen from Hamburg University that analyzes quantitative and qualitative requirements data, with the factors of environment, society and corporate governance being taken into account.


The jury specifically emphasized the importance and significance of the development of eco-efficient aircraft engines, pointing to the ambitious noise and CO2 emission reduction targets these innovative propulsion systems help achieve. MTU also scored high on its anti-corruption policy. 

“We are really delighted to receive the Investors’ Award. Sustainability is a top priority for us. This recognition gives us confirmation that MTU has been and will continue to be on the right track”, Winkler said.

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June 23rd, 2015