MTU Aero Engines Polska celebrates five-year anniversary

  • Workforce more than doubled
  • Site expansion by 50 percent will be operational by the end of 2014

Rzeszów, Munich, April 1, 2014 – Five years ago, in April 2009, MTU Aero Engines Polska started production of the first engine components for Germany’s leading engine manufacturer. Today the development of MTU Aero Engines' facility in Rzesów is an unprecedented story of success and growth. The facility started operations with about 200 employees, today MTU Aero Engines Polska has a highly skilled workforce of about 500 people. And due to the expansion plans of the company 250 new jobs are expected to be created in Rzeszów by 2020.

MTU's affiliate in Poland’s “Aviation Valley” focuses on activities including engineering and parts manufacturing, module assembly as well as parts repair. The latest addition to MTU Aero Engines Polska’s portfolio is linked to the IAE upshare for the V2500 engine; to this the major work share includes logistics, procurement, engineering and supplier quality. “The business volume at our location in the Polish Aviation Valley exceeded our expectations. The facility plays an important role in our sourcing strategy regarding our established engine components with a higher labor-intensive work share. Therefore we will expand our activities on-site to support our current ramp-up activities. Further we will expand the R&D department and recruit for example about 40 additional development engineers,” summarizes Dr. Rainer Martens, Chief Operating Officer, from a MTU group perspective. “We can rightly be proud of the success achieved by now, in only five years after the official opening. This would not have been possible without the hard work and outstanding teamwork of our employees and the support we received from our Munich colleagues,” said Krzysztof Zuzak, managing director of MTU Aero Engines Polska, on the occasion of the site’s five-year anniversary.

And the success story will proceed. MTU Aero Engines Polska will add a new, 9,200-square-meter building, which will increase the area occupied by buildings by 50 percent. The total investment that go into the project amounts to some 40 million euros. The expansion is part of MTU’s overall investment and growth strategy, very much in the same way as the new blisk production shop built in Munich and the logistics center set up in Hannover in 2013. It lays foundation for the growing production and volume ramp-up for the geared turbofan programs.

The new buildings will house the shop floors where the work associated with the increase of MTU’s stake in the V2500 engine for the Airbus A320 will be performed. Moreover, plans are to step up the low-pressure turbine assembly activities and concentrate them in Rzeszów, and to beef up research and development at the Polish plant. With the inauguration in April 2014, production is expected to be up and running by the end of this year and to run at full capacity by 2017. It will primarily cover the requirements for the production ramp-up in several of the company’s commercial engine programs.

MTU Aero Engines Polska focuses on the development and manufacture of low-pressure turbine components and turbine airfoils for the GP7000, V2500, PW300 and PW500 engines as well as the LM6000 industrial gas turbines. MTU Aero Engines Polska also assembles the low-pressure turbines of the V2500, PW300 and PW500 engines. Another field of expertise is the repair of engine parts, such as tubing and various kinds of mixed parts. Importantly, the entire value chain from development — aerodynamic design, structural mechanics, thermal optimization, etc. — to manufacture and repair is unfold at this one location.

About MTU Aero Engines
MTU Aero Engines is Germany's leading, the country's only independent engine manufacturer and an established global player in the industry. It engages in the development, manufacture, marketing and support of commercial and military aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. The company is a technological leader in low-pressure turbines, high-pressure compressors, manufacturing processes, and repair techniques. In the commercial maintenance area, MTU Maintenance is the world's largest independent provider of engine maintenance services. In the military arena, MTU Aero Engines is Germany's industrial lead company for practically all engines flown by the country's military. MTU operates affiliates around the globe; Munich is home to its corporate headquarters. In fiscal year 2013, the company had a workforce of some 8,700 employees and posted consolidated sales of some 3.7 billion euros.


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