Military engines

Pilot concepts for military engines

In military aviation, there are various powerplant applications that are expected to play a major role in future. Among them are conventional low-bypass turbojets for combat aircraft and advanced turboshaft engines for helicopters and propeller aircraft, such as the Airbus A400M military transport. The focus of military technology development currently is on propulsion systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). A reliable partner, MTU brings its comprehensive engine expertise in the military sector to the table and plays a major role in national and international studies, such as the European Technology Acquisition Programme (ETAP).

As in the commercial area, engineers are looking into options to use the variable-cycle concept also for military engines. This concept relies on so-called active systems to individually adapt the engine to suit changing operating modes. What needs to be developed for such engines are variable modules (bypass duct, fan or exhaust nozzle) or variable components (stator vanes). The technological challenge here is to reliably integrate these systems into the engine mechanically and electronically.