Engine Systems

Engine systems

Advanced engine control and monitoring systems are playing an increasingly important role for the safe operation of aircraft. MTU has been working in this area for more than 30 years and possesses unique expertise in the field of control systems for military propulsion systems. The company has a major role in the control and monitoring system of the TP400-D6 engine powering the A400M military airlifter and is responsible for the digital engine control and monitoring unit (DECMU) of the EJ200 engine for the Eurofighter Typhoon.

To be able to maintain its expertise long-term, MTU Aero Engines joined forces with Safran Electronics & Defense and set up AES (Aerospace Embedded Solutions), a Munich-based 50/50 joint venture. AES offers the full range of services, from design and testing to certification of safety-critical software and electronics. MTU will continue to draw up the specifications for the control and monitoring systems and to produce and repair the electronic equipment.