The successor project of Newac is dubbed LEMCOTEC (Low Emissions Core-Engine Technologies). MTU also plays a major role in this, the most recent technology project of the European Union, which is aimed at further reducing engine emissions. The work under the project, which will run until 2015, focuses on exploring options to increase the overall pressure ratio (OPR) to further enhance the thermal efficiency of further engines.

MTU is responsible for two work packages involving the design, construction and testing of a new high-pressure compressor with

  • an unprecedented pressure ratio, which will feature
  • lighter materials capable of withstanding very high temperatures and
  • an advanced secondary air system.

LEMCOTEC is the successor project of NEWAC (New Aero Engine Core Concepts), which was finished in 2010. Under NEWAC and VITAL technology programs, trend-setting technologies were identified and validated in rig tests. Taken together these technologies make a substantial contribution towards achieving the ambitious ACARE targets.