Test series

Test series

Under new engine programs, MTU is responsible for testing the modules it manufactures. The company also performs part of the overall engine testing including the specified certification tests. MTU plans and coordinates these tests in consultation with the development partners and the airworthiness authorities.

The company provides full service offerings including

  • conception
  • implementation of tests
  • evaluation and analysis

Proper data logging and evaluation depends on the instrumentation used. MTU uses high-quality instrumentation that performs exceptional reliable in tests.

The aviation industry's standards are stringent, and MTU's world-class capabilities are sure to meet them. Components and engines are put through their paces in comprehensive tests – if required also in three shifts around the clock. In the test runs, extensive and valuable data is collected for evaluation by the analytics experts, for instance by means of MTU’s unique high-temperature probes and by digital telemetry systems with a transmission rate that is unparalleled worldwide.

After each test run, the tested parts are analyzed for validation and certification. Rework, modifications and changes to build standards will then be defined and tested until the parts fully comply with requirements.