Corporate Responsibility


MTU has published its third Communication on Progress (COP) in which the company provides an update on its CR activities.



Investors’ Award for Responsible Business Practices 2014 goes to MTU Aero Engines. The company won the award for having made a tremendous leap in its ratings for sustainable business practices. MTU counts among the most responsible companies in Germany.


Stakeholder survey

In its efforts to promote sustainable business practices MTU maintains an ongoing dialog with all stakeholders. Their opinion and feedback on Corporate Responsibility issues at MTU really matters to the company.

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“MTU Aero Engines is a major player in the global aircraft engine industry and a technology leader that keeps developing promising technical innovations. Corporate Responsibility, that is to say responsible entrepreneurship, is an integral part of our corporate culture. As a fair employer and customer, reliable business partner and committed member of society, we aim to enhance the stakeholders’ trust in our company. High-quality, safe and eco-efficient products are key to our long-term economic viability. This is why product responsibility is a top priority in our Corporate Responsibility efforts.”

Reiner Winkler, MTU Aero Engines CEO