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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting MTU Aero Engines’ Website. We appreciate your interest in our company and its products and services. Your privacy is important to us, and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our site. The protection of your privacy in the processing of your personal data is an important concern to which we pay special attention by ensuring we have privacy-compliant business processes in place. Any personal data collected during visits to our Web site is processed by us in compliance with the legal provisions valid for the countries in which the Web site is maintained. Additional information may be stored when use is being made of our Web services (e.g. online job application). Such pages are governed by separate privacy statements, which we encourage you to read when you access these pages. Our data protection policy moreover complies with MTU Aero Engines’ codes of conduct:Code of Conduct for Human Resources Code of Conduct for Customers/Suppliers

  • Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data
  • Disclosure of Data
  • Data Collection using the Piwik Web Analytics Software
  • Right to Object
  • Cookies
  • Links to other Third-Party Web Sites
  • Use of Social Plugins
  • Security
  • E-Mail Communications
  • Email newsletter
  • Right to Information
  • Privacy Policy Amendments
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Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data
We will not collect any personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) via our Web site without your consent. It is completely at your discretion to decide whether or not you would like to provide us with any personal information. The personal data collected will be processed and used solely for the purpose for which it has been provided to us by you (for example in the context of a registration, a survey, a contest or a request).

Disclosure of Data
Your personal data will be disclosed to government institutions and authorities only where such disclosure is mandated by the law or is required for the purpose of legal or criminal prosecution in the event of attacks on our network infrastructure. Your personal data will not be disclosed to any third party for any other purpose without your prior consent; more specifically, we will not sell or otherwise market your personal data to third parties.

Data Collection using the Piwik Web Analytics Software
MTU Aero Engines is working to optimize its Web site regularly, based on statistics that provide information on the use of the Web site, to make visits more relevant and rewarding for our users. MTU Aero Engines uses the Piwik Web analytics software to produce these statistics, which allow us to track and analyze how our Web site and applications are being used.

More specifically, the following information is logged:

  • Anonymized IP address (with the last octet truncated)
  • URLs visited on this Web site
  • Time of page views
  • Previously visited URLs (if transmitted by browser)
  • Operating system name and version
  • Browser name, version and language setting
  • Technologies and formats supported by browser

Piwik uses cookies. These are text files stored on your computer that serve to make it possible to analyze how people use our Web site. For the purpose, the information collected by means of cookies (including your anonymized/truncated IP address) is transmitted to our server and stored for the purpose of analyzing access to the Web site, which allows us to optimize our site to users’ preferences. In the process, your IP address is anonymized immediately, so that your identity will remain anonymous to us. The information on your visit to our Web site generated by the cookie will not be passed on to third parties.

Right to Object
If you do not consent to the storage and analysis of data relative to your visit to our Web site, you can object to the future storage and use at any time. In this case, a so-called “opt-out cookie” is stored on your browser to the effect that Piwik will not collect any data on your visit to our Web site. 
ATTENTION: To be able to set the opt-out cookie, your browser must be configured to accept cookies. If you delete your cookies, this will result in the opt-out cookie also being deleted, so that you will have to reactivate the opt-out option as described below the next time you visit our Web site. 

Please click the following link to object to the logging of your visit to our Web site via Piwik.

Note: Piwik will honor the “Do not track” setting if you have enabled it on your browser.

Cookies are small text files that can be stored on your computer during a visit to a Web site. These text files are generated by the Web server to which your Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) is connected, and are then sent to your computer.

We, too, use cookies on our Web site.

The default settings of most Web browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies. However, you can block or disable the installation of cookies or set your Web browser to alert you when cookies are being sent. You can also delete cookies from your computer at any time. To do so, please use the Help function in the menu bar of your Web browser or operating system. 

Please note, however, that you may not be able to access all of the services provided on our Web site if your computer does not accept cookies.

Links to other Third-Party Web Sites
The MTU Aero Engines Web sites may include links to other Web sites which are not covered by this privacy statement and whose information practices may be different from ours. MTU Aero Engines accepts no responsibility nor liability of any kind for the contents of such third-party Web sites linked to MTU’s Web site.

Use of Social Plugins
Some pages on MTU Aero Engines’ Web site make use of social plugins (e.g. Facebook).

Social plugins are code snippets developed and made available by the social media services that can be used “as is” to be embedded on any Web site. They enable automatic communication (data inter-change) between the Web pages and the social media service in accordance with the relevant policies. For example, as part of this communication, data is dynamically transferred from a social media service to one of our Web sites. Working the other way round, the data of the users accessing our Web pages on the domain, too, is transferred to the social media service (e.g. the IP address of a user’s computer). Whenever social plugins are used on Web sites, they are identified as such through the use of specific buttons. Here is some more detailed information:

2-click solution to ensure data protection
Without additional measures taken, the social plugins use technical methods that ensure that data (including personal data) is exchanged with the social media service already at the time the Web site using the plugin is displayed and/or loaded. In that case, users have no possibility to opt out of the collection of their data. If you do not want social media services to collate information on your visit to our Web site, be sure not to activate the social plugin button, i.e. do not click it.

MTU Aero Engines uses technical and organizational security measures in order to protect the data we have under our control against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction and against access by unauthorized persons. Our security procedures are continually enhanced as new technology becomes available.

E-Mail Communications
E-mail communications may involve certain security vulnerabilities. For instance, e-mails may be intercepted and read by experienced Internet users while in transit from and to MTU Aero Engines. If we receive an e-mail from you, we assume we are authorized to reply by e-mail as well. Otherwise, please indicate what type of communication you would prefer instead.

Email newsletter
MTU Aero Engines is offering you the possibility to sign up for email newsletters on various topics of interest. To allow us to address our subscribers personally, we collect your name in addition to your email address. When you submit your details, however, disclosure of your name is optional.

Once you have submitted an email address for delivery of the newsletter, you will be required to con-firm your registration by clicking an activation link sent to the email address you provided. We won’t start sending you the newsletter until you have clicked this activation link to confirm that you are the owner of the given email address.

Your email address and any other optional data you have provided will be recorded and stored by us for internal use. Under no circumstances will this data be used for any purpose other than sending out the newsletter.

In addition to the data you provide, we also store your IP address and the dates you signed up and activated your subscription as evidence that you registered correctly. If you choose to deactivate your subscription, this date is also stored. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Detailed information on how to do this can be found in the activation confirmation or in any newsletter email you receive. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly via the contact link.

We use the Amazon Simple Email Service for sending out the newsletters and confirmation emails and forward the system-generated emails to Amazon for delivery.

Right to Information
When so requested, MTU Aero Engines will inform you as soon as reasonably possible in writing and in compliance with applicable law whether and what personal data relating to you has been stored by us. If incorrect information is stored despite our best efforts to ensure that data is accurate and up to date, we will correct it at your request.

Privacy Policy Amendments
For legal and/or organizational reasons, it may be necessary to amend or update our privacy policy from time to time, so please check back here for the latest version of our privacy policy.

If you have any questions regarding data protection and privacy, please e-mail MTU Aero Engines’  Chief Privacy Officer

Helga Schorr
MTU Aero Engines AG
Dachauer Straße 665
D-80995 München