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Industrial gas turbines – a growth market

During the last several years MTU has constantly expanded its product portfolio and today also engages in activities outside aviation, tapping into its experience and know-how and profiting from the competitive edge it has gained in its core business. The company has made the repair and maintenance of industrial gas turbines a cornerstone of its activities. MTU has thus taken a major step to-wards securing the company's future viability as analysts see substantial growth potential in the industrial gas turbine business. Therefore, MTU intends to strengthen its foothold in this market by consid-erably expanding its gas turbine activities.

At MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg, IGTs are maintained and repaired in accordance with quality standards equivalent to those applied in aviation, which are among the most stringent in the world. At the company, efficient workflows and highly developed processes ensure short turnaround times, from teardown through parts inspection and repair on to reassembly and subsequent testing. Our maintenance mavens have but one goal: the smooth and fast turnaround of the IGTs through the shops. For only in this manner can the turbine be returned to service as quickly as possible.

Through its affiliate Vericor Power Systems, MTU also is an OEM for industrial gas turbines. Vericor develops and manufactures TF and ASE series gas turbines for marine propulsion, mechanical drive and electrical power generation applications.

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MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg is a specialist for the repair of LM™-industrial gas turbines.
Our affiliate Vericor Power Systems supports marine and industrial gas turbines.
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